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Mutrah Souk

Why Visit Mutrah Souk?

Visiting Mutrah Souk is one of the best thing to do in Muscat. Shopping at one of the oldest shopping arcade that is teeming with activities makes the shopping experience exciting and exotic at the same time.

In its glory days of the yesteryears, Mutrah Souk functioned as a bustling port market where every merchant in Oman would turn up to trade wares with fellow traders from Portugal, India, England, and the neighbouring Middle Eastern countries. Today, it remains a bustling market where Omani locals go to get spices, nuts, traditional garbs, while travellers flock there to get rare unique souvenirs that are seldom found outside Oman.

Mutrah Souk makes a wonderful place for travellers to purchase special travel souvenirs in Oman that are not easily found elsewhere. Consider impressing your folks at home by getting them these rare items:

Things to buy at Mutrah Souk

  • Frankincense
    Much valued so much by royalties. Get some for a night of aroma therapy and recap your Arabian night adventure.
  • Omani silver
    World famous and greatly appreciated by folks at home.  Prices are depends on weight and spot silver prices, but they can vary a little between shops. It can be affordable if you shop wisely. As a word of advice, do buy silver and precious stones only from shops that have certificates issued by the Omani authorities or risk purchasing a dud.
  • Omani khanjar
    A curved dagger that wields great cultural importance in Oman. Get one made of Omani silver if you can.
  • Nautical instruments
    Sextants, telescopes, and other instruments used by ship navigators to help them sail smoothly to Muscat.  Despite what the shopkeepers say, note that these are not genuine antiques. They do however make good ornaments for you place at your home to make you appear more worldly than you already are. Otherwise, they make great gifts for men.



Mutrah Souk is located in the Corniche area of Central Muscat. You may also see signs that points you to ‘Al Dhalam’, the local name for Mutrah Souk.

The Corniche is also a good place to hang out at one of the cafes to people-watch or just gaze dreamily away. It’s a beautiful location that offers an expansive view of its sapphire blue water bay that dazzles in the afternoon soon.



1) As do visiting any traditional markets, bring your bargaining skills A-game (or bring a friend who has it) when something strikes your interest. But remember to haggle politely also. Courtesy and friendships are important to the Omanis. Also, shop around before sealing the deal for a particular item. Prices can vary as much as US$30 for a mid-ranged item.

2) Know the opening hours and avoid disappointment. Shops close between 1 – 4pm for prayers. Also, Mutrah Souk closes on Fridays (Thurs/Fri are considered weekends on the Islamic calendar).

3) Mutrah Souk is not only a place of commerce, it is a site that is painstakingly preserved to protect the Omani heritage. Do spend some time to appreciate the details and art carvings made on the walls and ceilings of the building. 

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