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Wadi Shab | Muscat, Oman - Things to Do | Routemarkr


Wadi Shab

Why go to Wadi Shab?

While some travellers may wonder what is there to do in Muscat, well-informed travellers know exactly where to go. One of the best things to do in Oman is to go on a Wadi adventure just outside Muscat. Oman is very well-known among adventurous travellers for its unspoilt natural wonders and great myriad of landscapes.

Contrary to Oman’s reputation for being an arid and hot country, it has many gorgeous gorges (pun intended) formed by geological corrosion caused by rain water flowing towards the sea. Wadi Shab is especially beautiful with its many emerald-green fresh water pools. Ideal for a dip on a hot day. Some of them are even deep enough for a dive! Go for a refreshing and easy hike/swim at Wadi Shab under the hot sun and get rewarded with the majestic sights of the Wadi Shab gorge. Magnificent views and an adventure, and there are no entrance fees required. What’s there not to like?

Wadi Shab can be done as a day hike from Tiwi village. Needless to say, prepare to get very wet!  The Wadi Shab hike takes about 2 hours before you hit reach the “end-point”. At Wadi Shab’s “end-point”, you can swim into an open-air cave to view a magnificent waterfall. However, only go for it if you are absolutely confident that you are a strong swimmer who does not suffer from claustrophobia. You have to swim against a very strong current and there is only enough room for your head to surface above the water level to catch your breath. The rest of your body will be submerged!


How to get to Wadi Shab?

From Muscat, drive east towards Sur along the shiny new motor highway. It is about 2 hours drive (one way) and exit at Tiwi. Drive into Tiwi village and the entrance of Wadi Shab is at the west end of the town. If unsure, ask around town. There are two bridges linking to the entrance of Wadi Shab but they can be damaged. If that’s the case, park your car in town and walk about 10 minutes toward the entrance.

You do not need a 4WD to get to Wadi Shab. Instead, rent a normal car to lower travel costs.


Routemarkr Travel Tip

You don’t need a Wadi Shab map to get around. The path to heart of Wadi Shab is well-marked and there are railings erected at strategic places.

Also, prepare a dry bag, and waterproof your stuff as much as you can. If possible, bring along a waterproof camera and document your adventure at Wadi Shab. One thing you do not have to bring on this trip however, is drinking water. The gorge is full of fresh water.


Do check the weather forecast before visiting Wadi Shab. We strongly recommend postponing your visit if it has rained/about to rain on the day of your visit. Flash flood may happen and the water stream can quickly swell into a raging river!

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2 Reviews

  1. Kevin, 1 year ago

    I think I know what you are talking about. A friend and I encountered dirty, algae infested water at the entrance of the gorge. For some strange reason, we decided to go deeper upstream of the gorge, and it got much better after the first 10 minutes.

    If I’m not mistaken, there’s also a boatman who offered to bring people across the dirty pool of water too. I hope he’s still there providing that service!

  2. andrew, 1 year ago

    never ever go to wadi shab unless it has been raining for atleast a week which it never does and its on average just a dried up rocky adventurless place the worst place ever i wasted 2 hours getting there to find a sewer infested bacterial water supply wich was zero fun and a waiste of my last day here its the dessert think about it there isnt going to be any water unless it rains


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