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Korea - Gyeongju City Tour Brochure | Routemarkr


Korea – Gyeongju City Tour Brochure

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If you are in Gyeongju for a day or two, consider taking the Gyeongju City Tour or Night Tour (15,000₩ from cmtour.co.kr). Many travelers opt to take the local bus or bike around the city at their own pace. If you are looking to be driven around, taking a city tour can be a good choice.

Gyeongju City Tour

Adult: 15,000₩
Teenagers: 13,000₩
Child: 11,000₩
The tour fare does not include admission fees and lunch.
If there are less than 5 people registered for the tour, it will be cancelled.

History of Silla City Tour 신라 역 사권
Singyeongju Station (8:50am) – Bus Terminal (9:00) – Bomun Tourist Complex (9:20) – Bulguksa Temple Information Center (10:50) – Bulguksa Temple – Silla History and Science Museum – Bunhwangsa – Tomb of General Kim Yu-sin – Cheonmachong (In Daereungwon Tomb Complex) – Gyeongju National Museum – Anapji Pond – Cheomseongdae Observatory – Bus Terminal (5:10pm) – Singyeongju Station (5:30pm) – Bomun Tourist Complex (5:40pm)

East Sea Tour 동해안권
Singyeongju Station (10:20am) – Bus Terminal (10:30) – Bomun Tourist Complex (10:50) – Bulguksa Temple Information Center (11:20) – Gwaereung Tomb- Seokguram Grotto – Underwater Tomb of King Munmu – Gameunsaji Temple Site – Gyeongju Traditional Silk Pavilion – Golgulsa Temple (Stone Buddha Temple) – Bomun Tourist Lake (5pm) – Bus Terminal (5:40pm) – Singyeongju Station (6pm)

World Heritage Tour 세계문화유산권
Bulguksa Temple Information Center (10am) – Bomun Tourist Complex (10:14) – Gyeongju Station (10:50) – Bus Terminal (11:00) – Singyeongju Station (11:20) – Poseokjeongji – Chheonmachong (In Daereungwon Tomb Complex) – Cheomseongdae Observatory – Anapji Pond – Seokguram Grotto – Bulguksa Temple – Bomun Tourist Complex (5:50pm) – Bus Terminal (6:10pm) – Singyeongju Station (6:30pm)

Yangdong Village Tour 양동마을권
Bulguksa Temple Information Center (10am) – Bomun Tourist Complex (10:15) – Bus Terminal (11:00) – Singyeongju Station (11:20) – Royal Tomb of King Muyeol – Dongnakdang House – Sesim Village Experience – Oksan Seowon Confucian School – Yangdong Village – Bus Terminal (5:10pm) – Singyeongju Station (5:30) – Bomun Tourist Complex (5:50)

Gyeongju Night Tour

Adult: 15,000₩
Teenagers: 13,000₩
Child: 11,000₩
The tour fare includes admission fees and lunch.
If there are less than 10 people registered for the tour, it will be cancelled.
After the tour, passengers can either get off at the Bomun Tourist Complex or Bus Terminal.

Night Tour Course
Bus Terminal (6:30pm) – Bomun Tourist Complex (7-7:20pm) – Seochulji Pond – Anapji Pond – Cheomseongdae Observatory – Tomb of General Kim Yusin – Bus Terminal (9:40pm) – Bomun Tourist Complex (10pm)

Gyeongju’s Attractions

The list is in alphabetical order and all websites are in English unless stated otherwise. All links provided here are attraction-specific, so click through and you’re there!

Bulguksa Temple
bulguksa.or.kr (in Korean) / UNESCO / Flickr

bunhwangsa.org (in Korean) / Wiki / Flickr

Cheonmachong (In Daereungwon Tomb Complex)
visitkorea.or.kr / Wiki / Flickr

Cheomseongdae Observatory
visitkorea.or.kr / Wiki / Flickr

Dongnakdang House
orientalarchitecture.com / Flickr

Gameunsaji Temple Site
visitkorea.or.kr / Flickr

Golgulsa Temple (Stone Buddha Temple)
golgulsa.com (in Korean) / Wiki / Flickr

Gyeongju Gwaereung
visitkorea.or.kr / Flickr

Gyeongju National Museum

Gyeongju Yangdong Folk Village
invil.org / UNESCO / Flickr

Oksan Seowon Academy
orientalarchitecture.com / Wiki / Flickr

visitkorea.or.kr / Flickr

Royal Tomb of King Muyeol
visitkorea.co.kr / Flickr

Seokguram Grotto
sukgulam.org (in Korean) / UNESCO / Flickr

Silla Arts and Science Museum
sasm.or.kr (in Korean) / Wiki

Tomb of General Kim Yu-sin
visitkorea.or.kr / Flickr

Underwater Tomb of King Munmu
visitkorea.or.kr / Flickr

Google Map

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Official page of Gyeongju City
Gyeongju: Culture and Tourism page
Gyeongju page from visitkorea.or.kr

The free shuttle bus service from Seoul had been discontinued in 2012. We really hope they bring it back soon!

Remember to consult the staff at your hostel or hotel before you book, the guide may only conduct the city tour in Korean. Also, most tours do not include lunch and admission fees to the attractions.

While we are able to take credit for translating the city tour brochure from Hangul to English, this post would not be possible if the brochure was not made available to us (from www.cmtours.co.kr). We are in no way affiliated to them but we think credit should always be given where it deserves.

*last update for this post is on 24th Jul 2012* 

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  1. Lisa, 2 years ago

    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for your kind words :)
    You can try seeking help from their interpreters, they might help to make a reservation on your behalf.
    Here is the email of Grace, an interpreter from Gyeongju: songmisook2@hanmail.net

    All the best,

  2. Sandy, 2 years ago

    Hi Lisa

    Thank you so much for this page! It really helped me a lot. I wanted to make an online reservation at their website but I couldn’t read a word of Korean. I’m just wondering if you know they have an email that I can send an enquiry about booking.

    Thanks heaps

  3. Lisa, 2 years ago

    Hi Alawiyah,

    Thanks for checking us out at Routemarkr! :)
    I think Cheonma Tours recommended by KTO might have a different route. The city tour brochure that we have here belongs to cmtour.
    For cmtour, I do know you can book a day before, but it might be a little risky since they stop registration when the bus is full.

    As for recommendations for accommodations, I stayed at the Bomun Lake area because the free shuttle bus from Seoul stops there. Another reason I opted for them was because (through my travels in Korea) I find that staff in hotels can understand and speak English better.

    To allay your worries, especially if you are concerned about language, I think it’s a good idea to stay in Bellus Rose Pension. The Pension is a bed and breakfast, and their staff speaks English. If you feel more comfortable in a hotel, you can try Concorde Hotel.

    Take care, have fun, and stay safe :)

  4. Alawiyah, 2 years ago

    Hello, I came across your post while searching for info on the Gyeongju city tour. I think this will be the best way for me to get around since I will be travelling solo and I doubt KTO can find me a goodwill guide. I’m planning a trip to Gyeongju, most likely a 2D1N trip. I enquired with KTO on the city tour and they sent me a link with info from the KTO website but their website listed only 3 routes for the city tour by Cheonma Tours but you have 4 routes here. I wonder if they are the same?

    KTO said I have to call for reservations but I wonder if I can email them or book on the day of arrival?

    Secondly, do you have any recommendations for accommodation? The hotels at the Bomun Lake area are too expensive and I’m kind of hesitant to stay at a love motel cos I’m not sure if they can communicate in English.

    Appreciate your assistance!

  5. Ying Hui, 2 years ago

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the advice!
    It put my heart at ease now knowing there are a couple of shuttle buses available!

    Thanks loadl!


  6. Lisa, 2 years ago

    Dear Ying Hui, I know a couple of shuttle buses that goes to the Gyeongju bus terminal. They are no.50, 51, 60, 61, 70 and 700. There is also a tourist information center located there if you want to confirm the bus numbers.
    Have fun!

  7. Ying Hui, 2 years ago

    Hi Lisa,
    apart from those city tour that are available. Is there any other way for us to reach GyeongJu city if we alight at sinyeongju station?

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Ying Hui

  8. Cin, 3 years ago

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks again for the advice! Am so looking forward to the trip! :D

  9. Lisa, 3 years ago

    Hi Cin,

    No worries! Ask away :)
    Yes, it would wait for you. I don’t think the city tour has a hop-off / hop-on system.
    It would be good to ask the tourist information centre again.

    I have to caution you though, the tour is most likely conducted in Korean. So it would only serve as a good way to get around the attractions without taking the bus or taxi. They don’t include entrance fees too, so you need to buy your own tickets.


  10. Cin, 3 years ago

    Hi Lisa,

    Sorry, I have another question.
    For the tour bus, when we alight to visit the attractions, would it “wait” for us?
    Because I understand that there are some City Tours that go by “hop off” “hop on” system.

    Thanks again in advance!

  11. Cin, 3 years ago

    Hi Lisa,

    Really thanks for your help!
    I’ll be trying homestay in Daegu, so most likely, I’ll book this City Tour at the Gyeongju Tourist Information Centre.

    Thanks again! ^^

  12. Lisa, 3 years ago

    Hi Cin!

    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Yes, you need to make a reservation with your hotel’s concierge (if you are staying in one).
    If not, you can book through the Gyeongju Tourist Information Center. They have one right in front of Gyeongju train station.

    Do leave us a message here or email us if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help.


  13. Cin, 3 years ago


    I’ll be travelling to Daegu and am thinking of 1 day tour over at Gyeongju.
    Chanced upon this website.
    Much thanks for translating the brochure, really appreciates it.

    However, would just like to know, do we have to make a reservation for this City Tour? If so, how should I go about it? Apologies, as I do not know Korean. :)

    Many thanks!

  14. Kevin, 3 years ago

    Hi there Dorian!

    Wow, Lisa and I had a discussion over this and we are very encouraged to see so many people who are inspired to visit Gyeongju after we wrote about this enchanting place at Routemarkr.

    While we are not a tour operator, we feel that we have an obligation to help fellow independent travellers like you get to places we feel are worth experiencing!

    I currently working out with people living in Korea to see if we can refer you to a knowledgeable and experienced guide to conduct a tour of Gyeongju in English. I’ll keep everyone posted here!

  15. Dorian, 3 years ago


    Do you do tours on Saturdays and Sundays? Thanks!

  16. Lisa, 3 years ago

    Dear Connie,
    Unfortunately, we do not offer booking services to Gyeongju at the moment. The Gyeongju City Tour service can be booked through your concierge at Hyundai hotel. It’s the only city tour operating in Gyeongju so it should not be a problem locating them.
    From my experience, they do stop at the Hyundai hotel lobby. They cover different locations according to the route you choose, I’m not sure if you can change tour routes in the midst of everything though.

  17. Connie, 3 years ago

    I am interested in booking two tickets for the red line tour (the one which includes the National Museum).
    1) Can I board the tour close to the Hyundai Hotel where I am staying
    2) Does the tour bus cover the tour route continuously s that I could get on and off at various locations or does it visit each spot only once during the day?

  18. Lisa, 3 years ago

    Hi Jessie, you will be allowed to get off the city tour bus to visit the attractions.

  19. jessie, 3 years ago

    Hi, Can I ask if we will be allowed to get off the city tour bus? Or we’ll just drive past all the attractions?

  20. JAY JAY, 3 years ago

    please, my girlfriend is staying Jeonju and i got a job that will require me to stay in Gyeongju (Singyeongju) what route will she take if she wanna come to visit me ?

  21. Lisa, 3 years ago

    Hello Allie,
    Yes, the Singyeongju station is a stop on the Gyeongbu KTX Line.
    You can book the tour via a concierge at a hotel lobby if you are staying at one. If not, we can try and contact our guide to help you book a tour for you and your friends by emailing us at this email address .
    Pre-booking is recommended since they may not start the city tour if there aren’t enough people.
    Let us know if you need help! All the best for your trip and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  22. Allie, 3 years ago

    Is that Singyeongju station the KTX station? How do we book for the tour? is there any pre-booking required?

    Thank you!


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